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“The American Political Economy: Markets, Power and the Meta Politics of U.S. Economic Governance,” The Annual Review of Political Science, 2022. (with Jacob Hacker, Alex Hertel-Fernandez, and Kathleen Thelen).

“Madison’s Constitution Under Stress: A Developmental Analysis of Political Polarization,” Annual Review of Political Science, 2020 (with Eric Schickler).

“Policy Feedback in an Age of Polarization,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2019 (with Jacob Hacker)

“Inequality Generation & Persistence as Multidimensional Processes: An Interdisciplinary Agenda,” Daedalus, Summer 2019. (with Michele Lamont)

“’Superstar Cities’ and the Generation of Durable Inequality,” Daedalus, Summer 2019. (with Patrick LeGales)

“The Dog That Almost Barked: What the ACA Repeal Fight Says About the Resilience of the American Welfare State,” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2018. (with Jacob Hacker)

“American Hybrid: Donald Trump and the Strange Merger of Populism and Plutocracy,” British Journal of Sociology, 2017.